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The Catholic Guy Event

Our lady of the Rosary Fairfield Parish are proud to present the Catholic Guy Event.

DATES:  27  February - 5 March 2013

ADDRESS: Our Lady of the Rosary Church, 18 Vine St, Fairfield NSW


Session One

Wed 27th February at 7.30pm OR Thur 28th February at 9.45am

Session Two

Thur 28th February at 7.30pm OR Fri 1st March at 9.45am

Session Three

Fri 1st March at 7.30pm OR Mon 4th March at 9.45am

Session Four

Mon 4th March at 7.30pm OR Tue 5th March at 9.45am

Session Five

Tue 5th March at 7.30pm


Do I need to come to all sessions? No, come to ask many as you wish. However, you will have the best experience if you come to all five sessions as they do follow a journey. It is definately worth travelling between the different Church locations in order to have the full experience.

Will I have to do anything? No. Nobody will put you on the spot and nothing will be awkward or threatening. Come just as you are.

Who is this event for? Everyone. Women, men, young, old, Catholic and non-Catholic. Everyone will love this event.

How long do the sessions go for? Each session is approximately 1.5 - 2 hours in length.

What actually happens at the sessions? Each session includes a mix of talks, prayer, music and the arts. Some sessions will also include interviews and other special items. You will also laugh more than you expect.

If admission is free, how is it funded? A collection will be taken for anyone who wishes to contribute. The Catholic Guy Ministry also receives additional donations that enable these events to take place.



This weekend we celebrate our Parish Feast Day which fell on the 7th October. This our patron Feast day alls us to stop each year and recognise the gift of faith and community. Here at Fairfield we are able to look back into the past and see the many people who have contributed to our present Parish, who changed this land from a simple vine­yard into a Parish and school site. The many former priests, brothers and sisters and the hundreds of parishioners who gave of their time and efforts is and expression of generosity of faith. For us we celebrate all that we are today as a Parish community, a people of diverse cultures but of one com­mon faith in Jesus Christ. And as people of faith we open ourselves to the Holy Spirit who will guide us into the future with hope and optimism. We now join our pioneers of the recent past who helped build our Catholic Community and presence of Christ within Fairfield as we also commit to the ongoing spiritual, pastoral and material change and growth that always needs to occur if we are to be faithful to the Holy Spirit. We pray that we like our Patroness, Our Lady of the Rosary, may have a deep trust in God’s providence for us and gently and confidently continue to walk as followers of Christ and companions on our shared Christian journey. Over the next 9 months or so we take a courageous and faith filled journey as we extend our Church for the second time in our Parish history. I pray that our Church building project will continue to unite us as we make real sacrifices and courageous decisions for the future of our Parish com­munity here in Fairfield. I thank you all for your prayers, generosity and support. As we know our DA has to been approved, and further 5 weeks is now needed in which a builder is contracted. During construction time the Hall will be our temporary Church for 8 or so months. The Hall has been cleaned, repainted and set up as a very appropriate and attractive place for Mass. Most of the Statues will be placed into our Temporary Church, as will the Stations of the Cross, pews, banners and all the familiar parts of any Catholic Church. Parking will remain as normal with more parking available around the hall and 3 car places for the disabled close to the entrance. Parking for weekday Mass will be on Weston Street. Although it will be a temporary place for our Masses and Sacraments it will be very comfortable and acceptable. Anyhow, a Church is not defined by its stained glass windows or mar­ble Altars or Statues, its defined by people who believe and come together to pray.I thank all those who help us celebrate our feast day especially those who helped with our light luncheon and a Sausage sizzle. Happy Feast Day! Fr Jason.

WYD Registrations

Thankyou to everyone that registered for WYD, the response was overwhelming. Please allow for a few weeks for us to register everyone into your selected groups. We will be having formationa nd other meetings to discuss the logistics of WYD in the new year, so keep an eye out on the bulletin and your emails for when these will happen. If you have any questions, email
Thanks, Geraldine, youth coordinator

St Vincent De Paul Christmas Food Appeal

Members of ST Vinnes will be delivering the Xmas hampers to the needy people in Fairfield on Saturday 22nd December. Drivers and runners are most welcome to help deliver the hampers. Anyone who could spare an hour or two on that day, please come to the church (Weston St. entrance) at 8am. Thanks

Sacramental Programs 2008

An information booklet outlining the 2008 timeline for the sacramental program is now available for collection at the back of the church.


Stage 1 building works are almost completed. A new fence to protect the new school will be built - please take care to park in the allocated spaces marked. There is to be NO parking on the vacant block of land adjacent to the pergola

Christmas News  
Christmas Mass Times
Christmas Eve (Mon 24th)
  1. 6pm- Children's Mass
  2. 8pm- Vigil Mass
  3. 9:15- Mass in Vietnamese
  4. 11:30- Carols
  5. 12am- Midnight Mass
Christmas Day (Tues 25th)
  1. 7:30am Mass in Polish
  2. 9am Christmas Day Mass
  3. 10:30am Christmas Day Mass
  4. 4:30pm Mass in Vietnamese
Christmas Children's Mass

All children are invited to participate in our Children's Christmas Eve Mass. The first rehearsal takes place in the Church at 2pm on Saturday 15th Dec then again on Sat 22nd. After Christmas mass there will be a part for children under the pergola.


Christmas Nativity Scene

Christmas Nativity Scene has been set up within the church as we prepare to celebrate the mystery of the Incarnation of Christmas. Please make time and pray at the manger especially to share it with your children.


Christmas Mass Rosters
Rosters for the Christmas Mass for our Liturgical ministers is available this weekend in the Sacristy. If you would like to minister within one of our Christmas Masses, please place your name in the space provided. Thankyou