Couples for Christ

Who is Couples For Christ (CFC)?

Couples For Christ or CFC is in over 105 countries, yet CFC is one global Caltholic community of family evangelisers who are linked as one lay movement designated by the Vatican as a Private International Association of the Faithful of Pontifical Right. It was founded in the Philippines in 1981, where the CFC International Council still presides.

In Australia, we are the Couples For Christ International Mission and our website is

Members of CFC, its Family Ministries, and its ANCOP Partners (ANswering the Cry Of the Poor) are dedicated to ongoing transformation in Christ. This transformation or renewal occurs three-fold: in the individual, in the family, in the Church.

CFC espouses as its highest ideal God’s greatest command: to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, and to love one another as Jesus loved us. Given this, the Mission of Couples For Christ is expressed as:

  • Building the Church of the Home AND Building the Church of the Poor

CFC’s Corporate Vision is to be:

  • Families in the Holy Spirit Renewing the Face of the Earth
  • Families in the Holy Spirit sharing Christ’s transforming love with the Poor.

Couples For Christ is where sharing and caring happens. CFC’s goal is to win the world for Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

How do CFC contribute to OLR’s parish community?

In the understanding that a Catholic parish is a community of (i) communities, (ii) parishioners and (iii) visitors – Couples For Christ and its membership is a ‘fit’ in OLR in all three aspects.

Firstly, all CFC members have a single-parish or multi-parish belonging. OLR Parish is certainly ‘home’ to many CFC members. Some Couples For Christ members are visible in their individual or family attendance to service at Mass, or in administration, or in events management, or in OLR ministries, or the upkeep of the Church grounds and facilities.

In another aspect, parish priests and religious also have a home in Couples For Christ. Despite the reality of being possibly reassigned every seven years, parish priests can belong to and rely on CFC wherever they may be designated. The parish priests is further enriched by having a community to pastor whose mission is to multiply the priest’s pastoral concern for strengthening and emboldening the families in his parish.

Secondly, CFC Australia’s Western Deanery Chapter has a thriving CFC Unit in Fairfield, NSW – established since 1988 . Both OLR parish communities and the Couples For Christ community, through its CFC Fairfield unit are blessed to partner in the evangelistic and pastoral mission of the Catholic Church in Fairfield.

Thirdly, CFC brings to OLR visiting missionaries and mass-goers. This enhances OLR’s capability to share God’s love to parishioners and visitors such as engaged couples, and to promote a missionary zeal within the parish and the diocese.

In a concrete way, Couples For Christ is a supplier of missionaries, programmed teachings, community support, Christian culture, encouragement, ministry, networked capacity, and prayer warriors! For example, CFC’s Youth For Christ (YFC) has a prolific membership of parish youth CFC Family ministry clusters and in high-school based units. This forms a social and ministerial ‘scaffold’ for the building up of the faith in the youth in the parish.

In OLR, CFC shares its faith-rich songs, many of which are ‘produced in-house’. Following is a sample list:

SLOW SONGS: Pour n Flow     Fearless      God In Me     Reaching   Spirit of the Living God

FAST SONGS: Embrace      Live For  You     Stand Firm In The Faith      Send Me     Grateful    God Is Enough 

*** The current programmed teachings which Couples or Christ makes available to OLR include:

· CFC Christian Life Program (CLP) – a pilgrimage into the Christian Life for Couples, Seniors and Single Adults. This is also a complementary retreat for the spiritual formation of parish councillors, sacramental ministers and volunteers, parish administrators, mission volunteers and R.C.I.A. candidates.

  • CFC-YFC Youth Camp – for teenagers and undergraduates
  • CFC Marriage Preparation Program (MPP) – an approved program for engaged couples that meet their marriage eligibility requirements
  • CFC Marriage Enrichment Retreat (MER) – for the strengthening and empowerment of couples in marriage.
  • CFC’s LiveLoud Praise Concerts – showcases Catholic Youth charism and spirituality. It is a way for Catholic youth to enliven the fire to serve, to evangelise, and be encouraged to strive for holiness.

Parishioners who become members of Couples For Christ will further access advanced programmed retreats such as Growing as a People of God, Foundation for Christian Living, MERs 2 & 3, Leadership and ministry co-ordination, as well as seminars, conferences, and CFC member-only events.

How can I find out more about Couples For Christ?

Your next step is to introduce yourself to known Couples For Christ members serving in OLR parish. To be sure, ask if they are members guided under the CFC International Council.

If you contact the parish office, you will surely be introduced to the CFC members best able to help grow your interest.



Couples For Christ Contacts in OLR:

  • Peter & Bell Prieto
  • Curt & Sheila Alejo
  • Arthur & Annette Silva
  • Doru & Lanie Lungo
  • Rey & Brilla Quinoy (Seniors)

CFC Handmaids of the Lord (HoLD) Contacts in OLR

  • Cecile Apolinario
  • Drina Sta Iglesia
  • Bertha Silva
  • Anh Lin Pham

CFC Youth For Christ (YFC) Contacts in OLR

  • Sam
  • Vi
  • Mark Baltazar